BFF Stationary Christmas End of a Chapter 2020

Now I never thought that teaming up with Jolif The Craft Shop to compile a stationary pack each month to match their amazing limited edition fabrics would prove so popular!

At the beginning back in June it was only for a trial run with it being a new product being issued for customers to purchase, two companies that haven't worked together before, and well you know we just didn't know what the outcome would be.

On my very first release for the Nautical Theme BFF Stationary I did have a quantity of 30 in which 26 was sold, I didn't think this was too bad considering it was the very first one and none of the customers were aware of what was going to be within the pack.

The second School Theme I oversold by a few again I stuck with the 30 but due to the sales going via Facebook/Instagram and having to message everyone for payment details 34 were sold in total.

The third one Woodland Fairytale has been the most popular to date with sales still on going for those products not just for myself but for Jolif too. I upped my game a little and had a quantity of 40 in which again I oversold due to how they were being sold like last month in which 45 were sold in total.

For the finale I was very hesitant in releasing the Christmas Woodland not because of sales or what was within the pack but, with the website going live as well as the BFF release date and lastly due to how busy I was in general with orders but wanted to allow more people the chance to purchase them. Again I upped my game and had a quantity of 50 which all sold within 10 mins!

The response for this months has been unreal and throughout all of the previous BFF Stationary release packs and I can't thank Jolif and their team enough to allow me this opportunity from being just a trial and to well now, there hasn't been no mention into stopping from both sides as it's just getting bigger and bigger each month!

And another thank you to Jolif also by giving me that push to create a website (which was on the cards from the start but I was too far in my comfort zone with Facebook and Instagram orders), as well as all the extra customers I have gained since June. 

So from the bottom of my heart thank you to all of my loyal, on going, new and old customers, and also a big thank you to Jolif for giving me this opportunity for becoming a part of your team each month to release these packs for both of our customers!

See you all in 2021 for another BFF Stationary release pack!